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  • Your Surplus Inventory is on Fire!

    ​If Surplus Parts Inventory was a fire in your Parts Department, you wouldn't think twice about getting rid of it!

    If Surplus Parts Inventory was a fire in your Parts Department, you wouldn't think twice about getting rid of it! Surplus Inventory or Dead Stock…Whatever you call it, it is a common problem. It ties up capital, and nobody will give you credit for having it, just in case they need it. How do you identify it, manage it, reduce it and prevent it? Take a new look at your inventory to see how you can free up capital and stock parts which generate profit and raise Customer Satisfaction.

    Bill Mayes


    Bill has a breadth of experience with both OEM and retail experience, including 25 years with John Deere, where he held positions in Whole Goods Sales, Finance and Product Support.  Bill was the Manager of Construction Parts Marketing at Deere & Co. when he left John Deere to accept a position as Director of Product Support for Case Construction.  He subsequently held positions with CNH as Worldwide Director of Service Marketing and Sales Director, New Holland & Kobelco.  Bill left CNH to join MachineryLink, a start-up rental company, where he was VP, Fleet Management and Field Operations.

    His experience with MachineryLink provides a unique dealership relevant experience, because he was responsible for availability and operating cost of world's largest fleet of rental combines.  In addition, he managed all customer facing support activities including a 24/7 live support hotline and the customer satisfaction process.  As part of a Lean Management Philosophy he created a flexible staffing model to support MachineryLink combines with local talent throughout the U.S. and Canada on an as-needed basis.

    Bill now uses his unique perspective and experience to help OEM’s and dealers improve their sales and profitability in Parts, Service and Whole Goods Sales.